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Rules of the Rocks:

1. Be respectful – Keep rock designs appropriate for all ages; Do not place rocks on private property without permission or hide rocks were they might cause harm (high places, tripping hazard in grassy areas etc.)
2. Post Photos – When you find a rock, post a photo before you re-hide it so the designer can see that it has been found!
3. Tag Rocks – When you paint your rocks, tag them with #MiddletownRocks! or We want to keep social momentum so be sure to tell finders to follow us on social media!
4. Be safe – Safety is paramount. Do not compromise the safety or security of others when painting, hiding, finding, or posting photos. Always obtain permission from individuals or businesses before hiding or posting. Please notify our group admins and they will remove photos that compromise safety.
5. Have fun – Have painting parties, go searching with your friends, and be sure to post photos so everyone knows how much Middletown Rocks!

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